Section 1 : Social Media & Video Strategy

taught by Sunny Lenarduzzi

Course description

In this section of the course I will show you how to identify your exact business objectives that will attract your ideal target market and customers. From here, I will demonstrate how to create content that adheres to their needs in order to convert them into sales.

Sunny Lenarduzzi
Sunny Lenarduzzi

Course Curriculum

Module #1: Identifying Your Business Objective
PDF - Social Media Setup Checklist (download)
Video #1: Achieving your Business Objective
Video 1 PDF - Social Media Strategy Template
Video #2: How to Sell with Video
Video #3: Mission And Vision
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Module #2: Attracting your Customers
Video #1: The 3 Step Brand Analysis
Video #2: Content Style Guide
Video #2 PDF Content Guide Swipe File (Download)
Video 2 PDF - Social Content Style Guide (download)
Video #3: Online Brand Aesthetic
Video #4: 6 Steps to finding your Target Audience
Video #5: Optimized Times to Share
Video #6: Using Keywords and Hashtags to find and attract your customers
Video #7: Growth Hacks to build a Targeted Audience FAST!
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Module #3: Content that Converts
Video #1: The 5 Minute BOSS Social Content Strategy
Video #2: Content Clues
Video #3: Google Adsense Keyword Planner
YouTube Content Survey
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