Section 2: DIY Video Content

taught by Sunny Lenarduzzi

Course description

In this section of the course we are going to be covering all aspects of video creation. From structure & scripting, to filming and editing, I will show you everything you need to know to create high converting video content for your business & brand.

Sunny Lenarduzzi
Sunny Lenarduzzi

Course Curriculum

Module #1: Structure & Scripting
Video #1: How To Video Structure
Video #2: Product Review Video Structure
Video #3: Your Business Video Structure
Video #4: Thought Leadership Video Structure
Video #5: Customer Service Video Structure
Video #6: Vlog Template Video Structure
Video #7: Video Script & Elements
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Module #2: Filming
Video #1: Equipment Set Up
Sunny's Equipment Guide (download)
Video #2: Filming And On Camera Presentation
Video #3: How to Edit
Video #4: Screencasting
Video #5: Graphics and Titles
Video #6: Music and Sound Effects
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