Section 4: Promotion & Getting Views

taught by Sunny Lenarduzzi

Course description

This section is all about creating awareness about your business, brand, videos and other marketing initiatives through the process of promotion. Here, I will provide you with absolutely everything you need to do, from start to finish, to promote your video content online, leading to increased awareness and sales.

Sunny Lenarduzzi
Sunny Lenarduzzi

Course Curriculum

Module #1: Scheduling Promotion
Video #1: Social Cross Promotion
Video #2: Email Marketing
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Module #2: Outreach
Video #1: Organizing Your Outreach Strategy
Video #2: Activating Outreach
PDF Organizing Your Influencer Outreach (download)
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Module #3: Video Launch Checklist
Video #1: The Video Promotion Checklist (Twitter, Blogs, Sharing Links, etc)
PDF Promotion Checklist (download)
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